When it comes to a basement waterproofing project, the end results are not only dependent on the how good the contractor you hire is, the outcome is also influenced by how good the products used for the job are.

Luckily these two things usually go hand in hand since the best quality foundation repair contractors usually use the best basement waterproofing products.


Foundation Waterproofing By Moe uses Armtec products, which offer a complete top of the line waterproofing system.

best basement waterproofing products

These products include:

  • Armtec System Platon Membrane
  • Armtec Big O 4inch weeping tile with a filter soc
  • Armtec big O 4 inch weeping tile insert coupler
  • Armtec 4inch female big o weeping tile snap tee
  • Armtec Platon Foundation Wrap membrane speed clips
  • Armtec system platon membrane L-moulding 2M strips
  • Conquest steel corrugated window wells and custom made wells from pressure treat protected by membrane
  • 4' x 8' Isotract L mats for ground protection for piling dirt/stone and driving equipment on (protects customers property)
  • Patent Interior beam system to push and straighten basement walls and prevent further movement 
  • Hydraulic cement
  • Butyl silicone


We use different types of equipment depending on the needs of each particular job with the goal of minimizing the impact on our customer’s property.

best basement waterproofing equipment

Depending on the job we may use any of the following pieces of basement waterproofing equipment.

  • Roll off truck with bins that carry 8 ton of dirt or stone
  • KC 70 dirt carrier 
  • Post hole augers and plate tampers
  • Ground protection mats 
  • Jack hammer of any sizes
  • Concrete saws


  • Kubota u17 (for small tight access and low impact on property)
  • Kubota SCL 1000 mini track loader


  • Kubota 0-003 excavator
  • Kubota mini excavator jack hammers attachments
  • Case 580 backhoe

All of these products and pieces of equipment allow us to offer expert interior and exterior basement waterproofing services, which is the best method to waterproof a basement